Age specific analysis


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The age specific analysis workflow gives the basic information on age-specific survival, this includes the mean, variance and coefficient of variation (cv) of the time spent in each stage class and the mean and variance of the time to death.

Fundamental matrix (N): is the mean of the time spent in each stage class.

Variance (var): is the variance in the amount of time spent in each stage class.

Coefficient of variation (cv): is the coefficient of variation of the time spent in each class (sd/mean- the ratio of the standard deviation to the mean).

Meaneta: is the mean of time to death, of life expectancy of each stage.

Vareta: is the variance of time to death.


This workflow has been created by the Biodiversity Virtual e-Laboratory (BioVeL http://www.biovel.eu/) project. BioVeL is funded by the EU’s Seventh Framework Program, grant no. 283359.

This workflow was created using and based on Package ‘popbio’ in R.

Stubben, C & B. Milligan. 2007. Estimating and Analysing Demographic Models Using the popbio Package in R. Journal of Statistical Software 22 (11): 1-23

Stubben, C., B. Milligan, P. Nantel. 2011. Package ‘popbio’. Construction and analysis of matrix population models. Version 2.3.1

For further details see:

Caswell, H. 2001. Matrix population models: Construction, analysis and interpretation, 2nd Edition. Sinauer Associates, Sunderland, Massachusetts.

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BioVeL has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no. 283359.

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